The Environmental Professional Council of Zimbabwe (EPCOZ) has called for a multi-sectoral approach to enhance waste management.

Poor waste management strategies have resulted in several local authorities failing to cope with delivering waste services in a development necessitating collective action from environmentalists.

Speaking at a meeting of environmental professionals in Harare, EPCOZ president, Mr Sunny Chikwanha said the growing problem of household and industrial waste requires environmentalists, local authorities and business to partner and come up with innovative ways of limiting and recycling waste.

Environmentalist Mr Oliver Mutasa said a research unit has since been tasked to explore strategies and technologies that can be adopted locally to alleviate waste challenges.

According to a 2013 research study of 32 urban councils, recycling strategies seem to be non-existent and the extent of recovery of municipal solid waste is 2 percent by informal waste pickers and unsorted waste at the landfills.

The results showed 99 percent of urban council landfills were not sanitary.