Small to medium enterprises in Mataga say the poor road network in the area is affecting their operations as some markets are not accessible during certain periods.

The brisk business enjoyed by small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Mataga has seen more locals being employed in the sector.

However, the poor road network linking the SMEs and their customers is affecting the cycle of the business.

“We have been part of the growth of Mataga Growth Point as players in the SMEs. We have noted, however, that our business is seasonal as we cannot connect with our customers in other remote parts of the district owing to poor road network,” said some of the SMEs.

A transporter Mr Lazarus Dube said the roads need attention as most are now not trafficable hence operators shun them.

The SMEs said they have embraced a cashless society although the monopoly by raw material suppliers who deny various payment methods is adversely affecting them.

The SMEs are in a partnership with Mataga Rural District Council since the local authority is involved in the drive to pursue infrastructure development.