Limited  and poor mobile network connectivity is presenting challenges for emergency services in Mutsvangwa area in Manicaland Province, with villagers  also complaining of travelling long distances to access connectivity.

The journey to Mutsvangwa community in Manicaland Province is a long and winding trip where one has to deal with the winding and rough terrain that characterise the road infrastructure.

Even more challenging is access to mobile network in this area, despite there being a mobile network transmitter located on a mountain top, it is not doing much to assist this community.

Villagers and business people alike said they have to endure long distances to receive and make calls.

The poor network in this area has impacted negatively on the health service delivery system and businesses.

The lack of mobile connectivity is an issue affecting most rural communities in the country due to limited investment on infrastructure by mobile network operators.

However, the recent approval of a US$250 million project by the government,  towards the establishment of more than 600 towers and base stations in areas with poor mobile connectivity may provide a glimmer of hope to communities that  have endured living outside the connectivity bracket.