There is a fresh impetus in the country’s political space which has led to a convergence of minds to chart the narrative and the course which the country needs to take to progress for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

This was clearly evident at a debate series organised by the Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (ZESN) where six political parties met and held frank deliberations on where Zimbabwe is and where it must be, as well as each party’s chance of winning the 2018 harmonised elections.

For Coalition of Democrats leader, Dr Simba Makoni, Zimbabwe requires unity for it to emerge from the deep economic crisis and this cannot be achieved under the new dispensation.

However for Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, Zanu PF remains the game in town as it has always authored the country’s destiny with vision and clarity.

Failing to clearly articulate its policy thrust, the National Patriotic Front (NPF) through an irate Jealousy Mawarire’s narrative seems a grudge against the removal of former president Robert Mugabe and the alleged militarisation of the country.

There was evidently no love lost between the two MDC-T factions with Linda Masarira of the Dr Thokozani Khupe camp calling for a return to constitutionalism and respect gender equity, while Douglas Mwonzora said the Nelson Chamisa led camp has proven whilst in the inclusive government its capability to remove the country from the economic precipice.

Build Zimbabwe Alliance leader, Dr Noah Manyika believes that Zimbabweans have been short-changed and it is time they elect fresh minded political parties whose ideas will transform Zimbabwe to greater heights, while the Rainbow Coalition believes there is a need for generational consensus.

Underlying the intense debate was the hidden intention harboured by each and every politician worth his or her name to win the hearts and minds of the voter and get a mandate to rule.

Be that as it may, Zimbabwe under the new order appears freer and citizens are certainly now speaking their minds critically without fear of being arrested and persecuted as in the past.