Zimbabwe’s democracy has developed and matured as evidenced by the proliferation of political parties and candidates as well as the enjoyment of freedoms of association,  assembly,  access to media and tolerance to divergent views.

This is the collective view of political analysts who, however, are quick to point out that some political parties have chosen to cling to the past and fail to appreciate the recent positive developments by engaging in unwarranted persecution of independent bodies and politics of personalities at the expense of national issues.

It’s 20 days before Zimbabwe decides but unlike the tense and polarised environment in past elections there is peace and tranquility.

However, a political analyst Mr Richard Mahomva said other political parties have gone out of their way to attack the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) accusing the electoral mother body of a flawed process.

The antagonism, disdain and unwarranted attacks on ZEC are a ploy meant to provide a smokescreen and a cushion to political parties who sense defeat is imminent, opines Brenald Chinyowa another political analyst.

It is quite encouraging that the democratic space has opened up but, however, it is sad that some actors abuse the very same environment to the point of impeding the commendable progress made so far.