Local artists’ nightmares over piracy could soon be a thing of the past following revelations that policies and laws to protect their intellectual property are on the cards.

The development was confirmed by the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Dr Kirsty Coventry when she toured various arts centres in Harare today.

Zimbabwean artists are facing a myriad of challenges including piracy and failure to get their royalties making it difficult for them to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Dr Coventry said her ministry is set to address challenges being faced in the arts sector.

“Artists are facing a lot of challenges, for example, musicians are not getting royalties, there is also piracy which is affecting their remuneration. Sculptors are facing challenges from copycats and it destroys the artist. As a ministry, we want to interact with artists and map a way forward on how to address those challenges. We want to come up with laws and policies to protect the work of artists,” she said.

The minister, whose first port of call was the Zimbabwe College of Music before proceeding to Tambira Arts Hub, Jasen Mpepho Theatre, Mbira Centre and Chapungu Sculpture Centre, is also set to make similar visits to various arts centres in other provinces.