Brazil policemen

Relatives of policemen caught up in Brazil’s soaring levels of violence have protested in Rio de Janeiro hours after the death of an officer during an operation at a nearby shantytown.

The families of police officers say their loved ones are paying a heavy price for trying to fight crime without the resources and equipment required.

Police officers have been fighting for changes in the penal code so that the killings of police officers are treated as heinous crimes.

They complain that the hard work of honest policemen is not given the same media coverage as alleged human rights abuses in security operations.

91 policemen have been killed in Rio state this year, which is more than the total of deaths registered in the whole of 2016.

In the latest incident, Sergeant Hudson Araujo was killed at the Vidigal Favela early on Sunday (yesterday).

Violence has been on the rise in Brazil – and particularly in Rio de Janeiro, since the end of the Olympics and Paralympics nearly a year ago.

More than 800 people were killed by the police in the state of Rio alone in 2016.