rita makarau.jpgThe chairperson of the Judiciary Service Commission, Justice Rita Makarau, has called on the police to work with her organisation in the establishment of court houses and circuit courts to service police stations in remote areas.

She was speaking at a police graduation ceremony for 315 officers held at Morris Deport in Harare.

It is a requirement that a suspect must be brought before a court within 48 hours of arrest, however such provisions of law are not met due to lack of resources.

Justice Makarau also expressed concern over the treatment of victims of crime whom she said are not informed of progress made in their cases.

She said the system does not recognize the importance of communication with the victims saying the practice may lead to allegations of corruption especially when the victims are not informed on the gravity of the case and prospects of the accused being granted bail or acquitted.

“I believe that because we are not giving out information to the victims of crime, allegations and perceptions of corrupt practices by players in the justice delivery system will be difficult to displace as some are genuine whilst some are based on lack of information.

“I believe that the police and the judiciary can combine efforts and come up with separate or joint programmes that will enable victims of crime to have more information,” she said.

Justice Makarau took the opportunity to remind Zimbabweans on the need to act on corrupt people, saying the Judiciary Service Commission is ready to render assistance to the Anti-Corruption Commission to enable them to fulfil their mandate.