levi sibanda.jpgPolice have been urged to jealously protect the people of Zimbabwe from hostile foreigners who wish to enslave the country’s citizens through agitating and advocating for the inclusion of gay rights in the new constitution.


The relentless campaign by some sections of the society from the inclusion of gay rights in the country’s new constitution, has drawn a rebuke from the country’s law enforcement agents who say it is an attempt to smuggle foreign agendas which will enslave Zimbabweans.


Briefing officers leaving for peacekeeping duties in Sudan and Liberia and debriefing those returning, Deputy Commissioner General Human Resources, Levi Sibanda said police should ensure that the constitution is written freely. 


“Homosexuality and lesbianism are an abomination in God’s sight and should never be entertained at all. We have a culture and that culture determines our destiny,” said Mr. Sibanda.


During the tour of duty, the ZRP contingent excelled and among those who did well in Liberia was Superintendent Takaitei Chitekwe who became a Regional Commander for a province.


Three other officers received commendations of good work by the United Nations.


Eleven police officers successfully completed their tour of duty in Sudan and Liberia while 7 others are leaving for the same duties in Liberia.