The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says the force has a duty to enforce the law as it is and not to change it.

Presenting the position of the police with regard to law and order during the second day of the Parliamentary Interface conference which is underway in Bulawayo, ZRP Deputy Director for Legal Affairs, Assistant Commissioner Naison Chivhayo said police have the duty to uphold the constitution and has developed different strategies to align themselves to it in through the Police Charter.

On the Public Order and Security Act (POSA), Assistant Commissioner Chivhayo said the law secures an equilibrium between the need to protect individual rights and maintain law and order.

On demonstrations he said: “There is need to protect the demonstrators and non-demonstrators. Such processions are usually hijacked by malcontents and thugs leading to violence and loss of property and lives. So police must decide if it is safe with stakeholder consultations to allow a demonstration.”

Assistant Commissioner Chivhayo added that there is no need for a code of conduct for police officers as they are continuously trained and act within the law.