inspector james sabau 04-04-11.jpgPolice say the MDC-T’s statements insinuating that security forces had a hand in the failure of the party’s Saturday rally are damaging and are meant to alienate law enforcement agents from the public whom they protect. 

Making reference to the MDC-T’s flopped rally which was billed to be held at Harare Grounds in Highfields, Police Spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau told journalists in Harare that the ZRP is concerned about some political parties making statements to misinform the public.

Inspector Sabau noted that while the MDC-T has been blaming the police for failing to hold its rally, the police conditions for any political party that intends to hold a rally are uniformly applied.

The MDC-T has blamed the police for its failed rally, which was supposed to be held last Saturday.

The party’s private media partners, have echoed the voice of the Western sponsored party’s claims.