guns.jpgA police officer stationed at Support Unit has appeared before a Harare magistrate facing six counts of armed robbery.

The 23-year old Aloud Hurumba is alleged to have gone on a spree of robbing taxi drivers in Greendale, Chikurubi and Mabvuku.

It is the State’s case that on the first of April this year, Hurumba was issued with a service pistol for official use, but two months later, he hatched a plan to rob taxi drivers.

On the 10th of June this year, Hurumba is alleged to have approached a taxi driver and hired him to Chikurubi. Along the way, he robbed him of his cash and cell phone.

It is further alleged that the accused repeated the same trick and robbed five more taxi drivers on different occasions.

The accused was later arrested and stolen goods were recovered at his Chikurubi home.

Hurumba was positively identified by complainants at an identification parade held at the CID Homicide Department.


Investigations have revealed that Hurumba was assigned to guard one of the Chief Law Officers at the Attorney General’s office during the time he committed the offence.