Police in Manicaland have burst another syndicate involved in smuggling goods and groceries from neighbouring Mozambique and recovered 151 bales of second hand clothes.

The Forbes boarder post continue to pose challenges to law enforcement agents efforts to  effectively deal with the scourge of smuggling of goods and groceries from neighbouring countries.

Despite the challenges law enforcement agents continue to register success stories with the latest seeing police ceasing 151 bales of second hand clothes.

Officer Commanding police in Rusape district Chief Superintendent Garikai Gwangwawa said police details intercepted the lorry carrying the smuggled loot on its way to Harare.

Chief Superintendent Gwangwawa noted police will continue to increase surveillance around the porous border post.

Despite government issuing a ban on second hand clothes the goods continue to be smuggled into the country compromising benefits for local production.

Observers note that the absence of stiffer penalties to offenders has been a contributing factor to the rampant smuggling of goods and groceries.