The Zimbabwe Republic Police Band which recorded the Hondo Yeminda album with the late Cde Chinx says his   contribution to the music industry will be greatly missed as his music represented black consciousness.

The late Cde Chinx had recorded many songs with the police band among them Hondo Yeminda, Nyika Yedu YeZimbabwe, Zimbabwe Ishumba, Zimbabwe Igoridhe, Ngihlephunele Mbijana among others.

Members of the police band whom he worked with said it was the revolutionary and developmental message in Cde Chinx songs that inspired them while his carefree personality was his greatest attribute.

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba described the loss not only as that of the band alone but the nation as a whole.

Cde Chinx produced several hit songs such as Bafundiseni, Sendekera, Maruza Imi, Prince Charles and Gedye Yaramba.

Meanwhile, the late Chimurenga musician’s neighbours at his farm in Wedza say they have lost a community leader who strived for the good of the community.

The farming community at Eenhid Farm in Wedza where the late Cde Chinx had a farm are in mourning following the death of their neighbour.

While for many Zimbabweans Cde Chinx was a singer par excellence, to his neighbours he was more than just a neighbour, but a fatherly character who assisted the community.

Albert Chipango and Agness Pazorora who have lived with Cde Chinx for more than a decade say it was a privilege to have lived with such a great character.

Other neighbours said the death of Cde Chinx has left a void that will be difficult to fill in their area.

Due to ill health Cde Chinx did not manage to do any farming activities during the last season although he continued to visit the farm which is being looked after by his nephew.

Cde Chinx got the farm during the land reform programme in 2004.