As the nation continues to fight corruption through various avenues, Harare based poet Lazarus Sauti has written a poem titled ‘Kakonye’ that calls for zero tolerance to corruption.

Described in the title of the poem ‘Kakonye’, corruption is likened to a worm that obstruct a bumper harvest and cause hunger.

Sauti brings out corruption as one of the major factors that cause underdevelopment in most African countries.

The poem describes corruption and how it affects the nation as a whole.

Lost in deep thoughts, Sauti explains how difficult situations have prompted some to engage into corruption.

He further explained that his poem which is followed by a story tries to address the corruption crisis and how it can be solved.

The poet is motivated by the desire to inform the new generation on the need to support local languages and culture thus he came up with shona short stories and poems published in his book titled ‘Nei?’

The book is a narration of the poet’s life experiences and is embedded with occurrences of what transpires in the present world.