Cases of poaching are on the increase and calls have been made to educate people on the importance to conserve Zimbabwe’s wildlife heritage.

Conservation of the wildlife has over the years been beneficial to the current and future generations.

Despite numerous calls for people to desist from destroying the natural habitat and wildlife, reported cases of abuse are well documented.

A visit by the ZBC News crew to Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage revealed the efforts that have been put in place to conserve wildlife and educate people on its importance.

Chipangali takes care of orphaned, abandoned, confiscated or injured wild animals and rehabilitates them back to the wild but keeps those that for whatever reason cannot be returned to the wild.

“The act of conserving is important as it stands to benefit a lot of people including the country’s economy,” Chipangali Co-Director, Nicky Wilson explained.

Through the Environment Programmes Involving Children (EPIC), 350 000 school children in the Matabeleland region have been educated on the need to live harmoniously with animals such as tortoises, hedgehops, chameleons and snakes.

Education Officer, Mr Nominal Mlauzi indicated that the programme had recorded a lot of success with most children setting aside previously held myths.

A live teleconferencing initiative involving Birmingham Zoo in Alabama, USA, has seen children being taught about African animals with hopes that this will in turn have an effect on tourists arrivals in the country.