copy of mutambara1 21.01.10.jpgDisagreements and disputes among the three principals in the inclusive government are best solved by Zimbabweans themselves talking to one another and finding each other and not foreigners.

This was said by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara in a wide ranging interview with ZBC News in the capital on Thursday afternoon.


The remarks by Professor Mutambara come in the wake of recent developments where Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai wrote to some foreign countries and the UN, urging them not to recognise the Zimbabwean envoys that were recently re-assigned to the countries by Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara said his MDC party may have grievances over appointments, but it does not agree with the action taken by Prime Minister Tsvangirai to write to Europe, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki Moon and to South African President Jacob Zuma, requesting the countries not to recognise the re-assigned Zimbabwean ambassadors.

He said the action was a breach of international law whereby communication between countries, including the UN, is channeled through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Head of State.

Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara said while there may be disagreements among the parties over the issue of appointments, the MDC-T should not  attempt to reverse issues that were long agreed to, even prior to the SADC Windhoek Summit.

He explained that his party was never consulted when the MDC-T dispatched the letters concerning the reassignment of the 6 envoys.

Commenting on reports that some in Europe are mulling the idea of complying with PM Tsvangirai’s request, Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara said it would be mischievous of the countries to listen to the request as no country has the right to tell another country who to appoint as ambassador.

He also spoke about elections saying although it would have been better to ensure that the proposed reforms in the GPA are completed first, his party is ready at any time for the polls and scoffed at some who are developing cold feet following the announcement by Cde Mugabe that elections will be held mid next year.

During the Women’s Conference, President Mugabe said there is no constitutional crisis in the country as it is his mandate to appoint ambassadors.

He took a swipe at Prime Minister Tsvangirai for displaying lack of knowledge of government processes and international law.