knowledge musona in action.jpgLocal football experts have raised concern over the lack of proper representation of most local players who most often operate without player agents – a situation which has led to most of them failing to break into the rich European leagues.


The growing trend, which has seen the lack of representation of local players by registered player agents with players’ interests at heart, has sparked debate on the significance of proper player representation.


Football analyst, Charlie Jones has lamented the inactivity of agents in the transfer of players locally and abroad, with soccer commentator, Admire Taderera attributing the inability of more Zimbabwean players to break into European leagues to a lack of representation by registered player agents.


“Agents are the ones who do most of the negotiations on behalf of their players and of course, lack of such representation won’t take most of the players anywhere,” Jones said.


A registered FIFA and overseas player agent, Kennedy Mapeza echoed Jones and Taderera’s sentiments but attributed the situation to ignorance of players and clubs.


“Players need advice on the importance of player agents because it seems as if most of the local players do not value this. Again, it is not just representation that is important but representation by recognised agents,” said Mapeza.


There has been widespread concern with regards to proper player representation, with football experts pointing out the talents of Knowledge Musona as not being worthy of the South African premiership.


Close sources have however indicated that English premiership outfit, Everton had shown interest in signing the former Aces Youth Academy player but the move hit a brick wall after it was discovered that Musona is sadly believed to be under the books of an unregistered player agent.


In the past, players have moved directly to the South African premiership in deals involving their clubs, but due to the lack of proper representation the talents of players such as Tinashe Nengomasha and Esrom Nyandoro have faded without gracing the top European leagues in what has been attributed to lack of representation by recognised player agents.