plaxedes.jpgSongbird Plaxedes Wenyika says her 5th album titled ‘Brighter day’, which features the single, Huya Ndikuratidze will not disappoint as she has worked with seasoned producers who include Mono Mukundu.
Wenyika said since producing her first album, Tisaparadzane, she has evolved from singing urban grooves to adult contemporary music, a fusion of different musical elements like afro pop, jazz and soul which is aimed at the international market.


The Tisaparadzane singer said getting married and having children has definitely impacted her career positively as the daily experiences give her inspiration and new material to sing.


She noted that setting goals and priorities helps her juggle her many roles as a wife, mother, musician and entrepreneur.


Wenyika, who has ventured into acting and is a National Arts Merit Awards best actress nominee for a short film, said she will soon launch a clothing line and a trust to benefit disadvantaged students.