chitungwiza renal unit 3.jpgPlans are underway to twin Chitungwiza Central Hospital with a hospital in China, in a move that is expected to see health professionals from the two institutions embarking on exchange programmes.


The development comes as part of celebrating the success of the Brightness Journey, a programme which saw three Chinese eye specialists conduct free cataract removing surgeries at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

The Chinese Embassy in Harare hosted a reception for the cataract surgery beneficiaries, Chitungwiza Hospital staff and the local eye specialists, Dr Archie Kufa and Dr Boniface Macheka, who assisted the Chinese doctors.

Chitungwiza Central Hospital Chief Executive, Dr Obediah Moyo commended the excellent relations between Zimbabwe and China, saying Chitungwiza Hospital was built by the Chinese and the first group of foreign doctors to work at the institution, who were also Chinese doctors.

He noted that Chitungwiza was the first hospital in the country to perform acupuncture therapy and plans are now underway to twin Chitungwiza Hospital with a hospital in China to further strengthen the exchange of modern medical technology between the two institutions.

“The eye camp was a huge success and we hope to see more eye camps in future. We are also very excited that Chitungwiza Hospital will very soon complete the formalities of twinning with a hospital in China and we hope that our medical staff will be going to benefit tremendously from the Chinese expertise through exchange programmes,” said Dr Moyo.

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Xin Shunkang, who is now popularly referred to as Mr Chakanaka Chakanaka by residents of Chitungwiza, sang the National Anthem in Shona, much to the amusement of the invited guests.

Ambassador Xin highlighted that the Chinese government will continue to render assistance to the people of Zimbabwe as a way of demonstrating the excellent bilateral relations that exist between the two countries, adding that two Chinese companies that specialise in cotton production are coming to invest in the country, while the Chinese government has allocated funds towards the procurement of furniture for two local orphanages that are currently under construction.