shamu pic.pngMedia, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu says his Ministry together with the Anti-Piracy Taskforce, will stop at nothing in the fight against intellectual property theft, as the country is a law abiding nation which upholds international laws.

The Minister, who is also the Patron of the Zimbabwe Union of Musicians, says piracy of any form is wrong and urged Zimbabweans to uphold the law as it is a signatory to the Ben Convention which protects artists’ audio-visual works from piracy and copyright.

Cde Shamu was speaking after a feedback meeting with the Anti-Piracy Taskforce aimed at considering reports on the tasks assigned to the various stakeholders in the music industry.

pirated cds.jpg“We uphold principles of justice and will not promote any wrong and breach of law. We have come up with solutions to counter those who have the propensity to undermine the industry,” he said.

The Anti-Piracy Taskforce was set up last year with the aim to eradicate piracy and is made up of various stakeholders including the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, the Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industry, ZRP and the Attorney General’s office, among others.