pigs.jpgThe Pig Industry Board has embarked on a drive to explore new markets on the continent and to carry out research that will see them coming up with a breed that is disease resistant.

Pig Industry Board Member, Mrs Mayideyi Maswi revealed that the organisation is also carrying out researches on how to improve the current breed.

“We are hoping that the research we are currently carrying out will come up with a breed that is disease resistant,” she said.

However, shortage of soya beans, which is used for pig feed, is likely to adversely affect the pig herd.

Meanwhile, Mrs Maswi, who doubles up as the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union Vice President, told ZBC news that preparations for the winter wheat season are currently underway with farmers’ registration already in progress.

She said a financial institution has already been ropped in to give loans and other measures to ease the burden on farmers.

Almost every year, government fails to achieve its estimated target of winter wheat crop due to poor preparations by farmers thus negatively impacting the country’s food production sector.