By UK Correspondent

LONDON: This’s edition of the Zimbabwe Fashion Showcase saw breath-taking craftsmanship and meticulous creations, with standout designs from Samuel Kaiser’s innovative collection which was inspired by the Amasunzu, a creative and unconventional traditional Rwandan hairstyle that dates back to the 20th Century.

While it was banned because it was considered pagan, it remains a symbol of pride worn mostly by Rwandan men and young unmarried girls. It also represented different roles and stages in the life of women and men.

Isabella Sitsha also made wearable art look like the next best thing. With designs inspired by her home country Zimbabwe, her Woman collection emphasised why avant-garde designs are such a popular, experimental and unorthodox form of art that never lose their place in the fashion industry.In a few more years she has the potential to stand at the pinnacle of the African fashion market.

Below are some images from the London event;