The Prosecutor General, Kumbirai Hodzi has allegedly recalled the contempt of court docket involving Chantelle Muteswa for further management.

State Prosecutor, Sebastian Mutizirwa informed Harare magistrate, Barbra Mateko that the docket was required by the Prosecutor General’s office for management.

Muteswa is facing charges of contempt of court emanating from allegedly refusing to surrender her son’s passport to prominent South African based business mogul, Frank Buyanga who is the father of the minor as instructed by the court in the access order.

Buyanga was granted leave by the court to travel with his son to his South African base when he has access to his son.

However, Muteswa reneged on the arrangement, resulting in a case being opened against her at Borrowdale police station.

She unsuccessfully sought to challenge the issuance of her son’s passport to Buyanga on the basis that the applicant might not return with the minor child.

The matter has been postponed to the 6th of June.