Performance based contracts for top officer bearers in local authorities are expected to ensure service delivery becomes the prime focus, at a time residents are calling for a radical shift in council operations.

The Urban Councils Association (UCA) says the performance based contracts are part of the results based management thrust.

Secretary General UCA Mr Levison Mutekede says to improve service delivery, a number of key improvement initiatives are being put in place.

The City of Harare set the pace in implementing the results based management initiative with other local authorities set to also follow suit.

There have been increased calls by residents for local authorities to radically change their planning, revenue generation and implementation of service delivery.

In its 100 day rapid results initiative, the Harare City was able to record several key deliverables in particular the ease of doing where the number of days to register a business in the capital was reduced from weeks to only two days and renewal to a same day service.