zifa house 25-08-10.jpgSoccer analysts have called on the nation to take stock of the ills of match fixing and have pleaded with the football fraternity to institute stiffer penalties for offenders.

While the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) is busy battling to exorcise the ghost of match fixing at national level, observers of the beautiful game have lamented the rate at which the match fixing cancer is spreading and threatening to cripple local football.

The just ended premiership has had its fair share of match fixing accusations which led ZIFA to issue a stern warning of possible criminal charges in the season’s final games and analysts say these incidents call for a serious approach if the fight against match fixing is to be won.

Last week, Central region title aspirants, Hardbody were docked 42 points for match fixing, a result that earned Triple B, the promotion ticket into the premiership from the region that is just a year old.

The same week, ZBC carried another story from the ZIFA Harare Province Division 2 B, where Hunters are accusing FC Marenga of match fixing and a hearing is yet to begin.

These isolated incidents are probably two of many several unreported match fixing cases.

In cricket, some Pakistani players were slapped with custodial sentences after being convicted of match fixing, a development which football can emulate if the game is to be rid of this vice.