Good fortunes and turnaround are the words that can best summarise Zimbabweans’ expectations of 2018.

People from various and even distinct spheres of life have different resolutions and dreams this new year, but are all united by a craving for better fortunes in all their endevours.

Centrally though is the hope for an economic turnaround.

“We no longer want to sleep at banks queuing to get our cash. Mari haidi kuti uitambure kuishanda nekuzoiwana futi,” said one man in Harare.

“Prices must just come down this year. A 10kg bag of rice which was selling at around $6 and $7 in August is now selling at around $13 to $16.  This madness must just stop,” another consumer said.

“We just need jobs, jobs, jobs,” one man from Hwange said in clear reference to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s promise.

Others said if there is an economic turnaround, they will stop going to other countries in search of jobs or to buy staff, while their relatives in the diaspora will come back home.

Others hope to get married, build homes and start businesses in 2018.

A Harare businessman, Simon Takawira is hopeful the change of leadership was the key needed for this country to rise again.

There is no doubt that people hope for the better especially in the new political dispensation.

Interestingly though, the expectations of church leaders and even football fans cannot be ignored.

“Growth of the church as more people turn to God. That is all I can wish for in 2018. Whether in joy or troubles, people must just turn to God,” said one Prophet Tapiwa Freddy.

“2018 is DeMbare and Manchester United’s year to win premier league titles,” said one soccer fan.

“Highlanders must just give us something to cheer about this year,” another soccer fan said.

When the year ends, another year comes and every time this happens, people rejuvenate their hopes and set new targets, some realistic but others too ambitious.