Members of the Chinhoyi community deliberated on the proposed Consumer Protection Bill, which seeks to promote fairness and transparency in the trading market as well as provide guarantee to product quality and warranty to safety of movable goods.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce is conducting public hearings across the country to gather the input and views of the general public on what they want included in the Consumer Protection Bill.

When enacted into law, the legislation is expected to strengthen consumer rights protection mechanisms and will allow for the formation of a consumer agency.

According to Mr Phillip Bvumbe, who unpacked some of the provisions of the bill, prophetic falsehoods and electronic transfer abuses will be covered under the legislation, giving consumers the right to cancel sale agreements if they are not satisfied with products or services.

Several members of the Chinhoyi community made contributions towards the bill, with most emphasising that the proposed legislation should be able to deal with con-prophets and street gamblers who dupe unsuspecting passersby.

One irate man went offside after attempting to use the hearings to settle political scores by firing a broadside against the Chairperson of the committee, Joshua Sacco but was censured.

Sacco undertook to consolidate all the views expressed before submitting them to the relevant ministry that administers the proposed legislation.