Pedestrians are exposed as commuter operators breach road regulations regardless of them being cognisant of the fact that they are breaking the law.

It is disheartening the rate at which road carnage is rampant lately.

Some commuter operators often recklessly ignore road regulations which has led to some roads closing completely and living some acutely congested.

This careless behaviour is prone to pose a threat to pedestrians.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charity Charamba commented on the issue saying they are taking precautionary measures to make sure that this stops and she confirmed that this is a great threat to community.

Some of the commuter operators who spoke to ZBC News zbc said they are aware of the road regulations and the danger of not observing the law although they keep violating it as it hinders them to make money in this hash economy.

Road regulations are there to protect the nation and sometimes non compliance pose a threat to human lives.

Some of the cases of road carnage recorded were said to have been caused by breaching road regulations and thus people should adhere to the law and stop on robots, avoid using wrong lanes and stop illegal piloting.