zrp 25-10-112.jpgSudan’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Elsiddieg Abdala has hailed the country’s security forces for their participation in peace keeping missions aimed at ending conflicts in the Darfur region.

Ambassador Abdala says the great work being done by Zimbabwe’s security forces in peace keeping missions in his country is commendable and has helped greatly in trying to bring peace to the Darfur region as well as other parts of the continent.

”We are happy with the contribution by the Zimbabwean teams as they have shown great dedication in promoting peace on the continent,” said Ambassador Abdala.

Mr Abdala called on fellow African countries to unite and try to tackle the continent’s problems, adding that external influence will not serve local interests due to bias by neo-imperialist forces.

“It is important for African countries to support each other as the external support we get might not be genuine as is the case in most situations. African countries must guide the continent in a more united way,” he added.

Despite the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West, Zimbabwe has taken part in peace keeping missions in such countries as Sudan, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo and Liberia, among others.