Leader of the African Apostolic Church popularly known as Vaapostora veAfrica Paul Mwazha has turned 100.

It is everyone’s dream to live long and today Mutumwa Paul Mwazha turns 100.

Clad in a cream suit flanked by his sons and church members, the centenarian has lived to see his fourth generation.

According to Mwazha the age of 100 is symbolic, it signifies a life that is jealously guarded by the Almighty.

Asked on his diet, the centenarian said he loves traditional food.

True to his nature he is indeed a born evangelist for all his answers ended up being sermons.

For a century he has kept his private life just that…private.

The African Apostolic Church was established in the 1950s as a prayer group but is now a registered church in several African countries.