Passion is what drives ZBC’s Power fm radio presenter Rumbidzai Moyo popularly known as the Lady of Distinction who has become a household name in the broadcasting industry.

As ‘MaMoyo’ who is popular for her ZBC’s Power fm show titled ‘The Connexion’ became known in the broadcasting industry when she joined ZBC in 2010 after returning from UK where she had gone to further her studies in the financial sector.

‘MaMoyo’ who first ventured into the financial career before joining the broadcasting industry gave a brief ordeal on her journey to stardom.

For the ‘Lady of Distinction’, passion at one’s work is what makes success.

She admits radio is her life and she commits to always do research in order to conduct interesting and informative programmes.

‘MaMoyo’ says ‘The Connexion’ show does not only help her fans but also broadens her knowledge as it focuses on various issues that mirror the society.

“Being a celebrity has its own challenges particularly that it will bring some people to want to interfere with one’s private life,” says ‘MaMoyo’.

The popular Power fm radio presenter is of the opinion that one’s belief is very important in the realisation of set goals in life.