A partnership between the Kadoma community and Friends of the Environment is set to transform swathes of degraded land into green belts in a move aimed at restoring forests destroyed through human activity.

Through a joint partnership re-aforestation programme involving the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the Kadoma Community Revival Club and Nyaradzo Group, a number of designated areas in Kadoma urban and in the outskirts of the town are set to be turned green.

Secretary of the Kadoma Revival Club, Mrs Mary Chirombe said the onus is on the community to leave a good legacy underpinned by a culture of sustainable utilisation of natural resources.

Nyaradzo Group Kadoma branch manager, Ms Mercy Terera pledged her company’s continued support for programmes meant to promote the environment.

The organisation set in motion its campaign through a tree planting programme at the Rimuka community library premises.

EMA district officer for Sanyati, Mr Knowledge Kabesa bemoaned the high level of deforestation in Kadoma and surrounding areas, saying loads of firewood are smuggled into the city in the early hours each day as poachers try to evade detection.

Notable areas that are being targeted by wood poachers around the city of Kadoma include Bluegrass, Gazmark, Charama and the forest area around claw dam.