rural road.jpgThe association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe has entered into a strategic partnership with a local company, for the provision of critical equipment in road maintenance and construction.



The country’s road networks in both rural and urban areas had deteriorated over the years as government and local authorities did not have funds for the maintenance programme due to sanctions induced economic challenges.



In a positive development a local company,  Machinery Exchange has pledged to work with Rural District Councils by providing the necessary equipment for road maintenance at low cost.


The association of Rural District Councils Secretary General Mr Rodgers Mozhenty says the agreement is a positive move as most Rural District Councils were failing to construct new roads due to obsolete equipment.


Machinery Exchange Managing Director Mr Bryan Tavener said a good road network is critical in the economic recovery programme.


Most of the country’s roads are in a state of disrepair with many littered with dangerous potholes as a result of low  maintenance and increased traffic volumes.