zanupf supporters.jpgZanu PF Harare Province District Co-ordinating Committees’ leadership says its members should fully participate at the COPAC outreach meetings set for next week and express their views in peace so that their rights and wishes can be heard. 

Following a meeting held in Harare, the District Coordinating Committees agreed that the residents of Harare should allow the process to take place fully and peacefully so that their rights are respected and guaranteed.

Zanu PF NCA member, Cde Oline Zvorwadza said the inter-district meeting is critical in informing the leadership of the districts of the need to go out in their numbers and contribute in the consultative stage of the constitution making process.

“We are urging our members to come out in their numbers and participate so that the gains of the struggle are protected,” said Cde Zvorwadza.

DCC 4 Chairman, Cde Jason Pasadi said the new constitution should clearly defend the gains of the liberation struggle including the land which is now in the hands of the majority.

“We are saying no to violence during this crucial stage of the constitution making process because we want to protect the land,” said Cde Pasadi.

For the past 3 months, COPAC has been undertaking the critical stage where outreach teams were going around the country, collecting the people’s views for inclusion in the new constitution.

While the process was marred by some logistical challenges at the beginning, it stabilised within a short period and had begun to flow smoothly with fewer hitches until cases of violence were reported in 13 centers out of the 82 where outreach meetings were taking place in Harare.