Legislators say the fifth session of the eighth parliament should bring the best of the August House to ensure all outstanding pieces of legislation are aligned to the new constitution.

30 pieces of legislation are still outstanding form the 4th session of the eighth parliament and some of the bills are critical for economic transformation.

The alignment of pieces of legislation to the national constitution has been an ongoing process with a number of bills before parliament while the outstanding 30 pieces of legislation will find their way into the August House during the last session of the eighth parliament.

Legislators hailed the speech by President Robert Mugabe in setting the legislative agenda for the fifth session of the 8th parliament saying it is a challenge to parliamentarians to ensure the set targets are achieved.

With the rot in state enterprises, the public entities and corporate governance bill is believed to be the solution to stimulate productivity and fight against corruption which has affected the profitability of these entities.

The mining and agricultural sectors have remained the major contributors of foreign currency hence the need to deal with the mines and minerals amendment bill said Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy chairman, Dr Daniel Shumba.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs chairman, Cde Kindness Paradza said human trafficking remains an issue which requires collective effort hence the smuggling of migrants protocol is critical in dealing with the challenges.

In setting the legislative agenda for the fifth session of the 8th parliament by the President comes as a challenge to legislators in terms of taking parliament business seriously in creating effective debates.

Some of the bills that are set to be presented in parliament during the last session of the eighth parliament include the defence forces act, mandatory sentencing for rape and sexual abuse bill, teaching professions council bill, cyber crime and cyber security bill, the electronic transactions and electronic commerce bill and the data protection bill among others.