Analysts say the newly sworn in parliamentarians must move away from unproductive bickering and talk shows that have characterised parliament debates in the past and take heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call to shift from politics to rebuilding the economy.

The selection of parliamentary presiding officers should mark the end of the political season which had engulfed the country over past months and usher in a new chapter where legislators should put the interest of the people who voted them into office first.

“Politics should be for the rallies and parliament is serious business. We expect a paradigm shift as the august house get into business,” says political analyst Bvumai Govere.

Director for Free and Fair Foundation Mr Gabriel Chaibva says the time for kindergarten play and political bickering in the august house should not be tolerated but serious and constructive debate must take centre stage in line with the tone set by the President’s call directing all energies towards rebuilding the Zimbabwe we all want.

‘‘The elected presiding officer should not tolerate circuses and nonsense in parliament, parliament should be characterised by maturity in terms of presentation and constructive debate. We have one President after free and fair harmonised elections.

“All legislators regardless of affiliation show take heed of the President’s call for less politics and more economics; we need MPs who discuss things that bring bread and butter issues on the table, political bickering should have no place in this new parliament,” said Mr Chaibva.

Economic analyst Elifasi Mashaba says blended with a new breed of technocrats, educated and experienced administrators and seasoned politicians, parliament should come up with progressive ideas that can form the direction towards achieving vision 2030 of being a middle class economy.

“We expects progressive debate not talks, the calibre we have in parliament should not be expected to play child-games, the electorate deserves better things than circus and this parliament will be judged by its potential to deliver,” Mashaba said.

President Mnangagwa is expected to officially open the 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe on the 25th of this month.