Financial statements for parastatals under the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services have shown that only one organisation, Transmedia made a profit while others recorded losses since January 2018.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services and its parastatals led by the Permanent Secretary Mr Nick Mangwana appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information to present the state of their financial statements ahead of the pre-budget conference set for next week in Bulawayo.

It was revealed during the debate that the parastatals including the Zimbabwe Film and Television School of Southern Africa (ZIFTASSA), Ziana, Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ), the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) are operating on a loss trajectory with only Transmedia recording a profit for the period January to September 2018.

In his presentation, ZBC Chief Executive Officer Mr Patrick Mavhura said while his organisation witnessed a $65 million debt over the years, there are possibilities of revitalising the company into a profit making entity if government amends section of 38 d of the Constitution to enforce the licence collection law.

Legislators led by acting chairperson of the Portfolio Committee Settlement Chikwinya, however, begged to differ saying ZBC rather than appealing for debt relief from government, should seek support from the forthcoming budget to get a government grant.

Mr Mangwana called the parliamentarian to adopt a holistic approach citing the ministry is working on a strategic plan to bring sanity to its parastatals.

Some of the major highlights which came under the spotlight during the oral evidence session were revelations of shocking salaries at BAZ where it was reported the least paid worker like a messenger is earning $900 while Ziana revealed that it only sold 600 copies of its paper since January.