parliament.jpgA public hearing to gather people’s views on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Bill at Parliament Building this Saturday was aborted after members of the public and Zanu PF supporters protested over the exclusion of their members among other irregularities.

According to the protestors, pro MDC supporters were unscrupulously brought into the small room in Parliament Building in sinister moves that saw the initial hearing being moved from Cyril Jennings Hall in Highfields.

The protestors expressed disappointment over the fact that they had not been consulted and that the bill was only given to them in English when in fact the majority of contributors from the public speak local languages.

Some of the protestors insisted that there is no need to debate the Human Rights Bill as all the issues that are contained in it were raised in the constitution making process.

They said the crafters of the bill should first wait for the exercise to be completed.

A similar public hearing was aborted in Masvingo early this week after protests over the use of the English during deliberations.