parliamentarians.pngThe 7th Parliament of Zimbabwe has been criticised for spending more time debating power retention mechanisms than developmental issues which matter to Zimbabweans.

Legislators have come under heavy scrutiny as the nation braces itself for elections.

Observers say the 7th Parliament will not be remembered for anything else except wasting time debating self-advancing agendas at the expense of delivering development to the people of Zimbabwe.

Political analyst, Mr. Alexander Kanengoni says the parliamentarians failed to dwell on issues of development and even issues such as the constitution-making exercise have been used as money making ventures by the legislators who have used every avenue to milk an already impoverished nation.

“Most of the legislators are worried about their welfare and the benefits that go with being elected to office,” said Mr Kanengoni.

Some of the controversies in parliament have seen legislators demand US$15 000 from treasury to offset their car loans, with tax-payers forking out as much as US$4million.

Zanu PF Goromonzi DCC Chairman, Cde Boniface Mutize says it is sad to note that previous parliaments spoke and delivered life-changing solutions to the people which has lacked in the 7th August House.

“Previous parliaments spoke about education for all, Tokwe-Mukosi dam projects, drought mitigation measures and many developmental issues, but we have not seen any of this except arguments about allowances,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s first ever black Speaker of the House of Assembly, Cde Didymus Mutasa says the current parliament is made up of people who do not understand that the country’s liberation war history drives its agenda to deliver development to the people, hence the need for parliamentarians to prioritise debating development than matters of self-interest.

With such a legacy of having failed to dwell on developmental issues, observers say there is no need for Zimbabwe to live in a make believe world of assuming that the 7th Parliament can ever deliver anything tangible.