climate 16.08.10.jpgA call has been made for law makers to come up with relevant legislation which will address climate challenges if Zimbabwe is to make meaningful progress in the fight against global warming.
A policy vacuum and lack of knowledge on the effects of climate change is threatening Zimbabwe’s goal to achieve full agricultural potential.

Regional Environment Organisation (ZERO) Climate Change Advocate Officer, Mr. Jeremia Mushosho called for policy makers to consider putting in place specific laws dealing with climate change.

Parliamentarians, Cde Edward Chindori Chininga and Patrick Zhuwao said the climate change phenomenon requires a lot of research to enable law makers to put in place a policy that is knowledge-based with clear guidelines on how people must respond to issues of climate change.

Already some areas which were once suitable for maize production have shifted to small grains.

Climate change, which is fast becoming the world’s number one development challenge, is blamed for causing changes in rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures.