patrick chinamasa 04-04-2011.jpgJustice and Legal Affairs Minister, Cde Patrick Chinamasa has called on the chief whips of the three political parties in the inclusive government to mobilise their members in the House of Assembly to rally behind and support the Human Rights Bill in order to operationalise the activities of the newly constituted Human Rights Commission.

Speaking to ZBC News after the swearing in ceremony of one of the Commissioners for Human Rights, Mrs Sheilah Hilary Matindike at State House in Harare this Thursday, Minister Chinamasa said after the bill was put together and agreed upon by the three parties in the Global Political Agreement, there should be no time wasting on the issue.

“The legislation that is needed to operationalise the Human Rights Cimmission is not yet in place. It is already in Parliament and it is important for the legislation to be enacted into law so that the commission can start functioning. Unfortunately, there appears to be discord regarding this legislation notwithstanding that it is an outcome of the three parties’ negotiations. So if we are to go forward, the chief whips of the three parties must whip their members in the Parliament to support the enactment of the bill,” said Cde Chinamasa.

Minister Chinamasa said delays in the passing of the bill in parliament would render the newly constituted Human Rights Commission jobless.

He also implored the members of the commission to be objective in the execution of their mandate.

In regard to the Anti-Corruption Commission, Cde Chinamasa urged the members to work closely with the Attorney General and the police to rid Zimbabwean society of corruption in both the public and private sectors, saying the private sector is in need of serious attention in this regard.