parliament of zimbabwe meeting 01-11-10 ed.jpgMembers of the House of Assembly from all the three political parties have been applauded for the increased appreciation of their roles and ability to engage in constructive debate during parliamentary sessions.


This came out during an induction seminar for legislators held in Harare on Monday.

The seminar is a continuation of the initial workshop which was conducted in 2008 when the sitting legislators came into office.

Some of the objectives of the seminar include providing legislators with an opportunity to discuss and come up with a clear role and mandate of the House of Assembly.

Speaking on the sidelines of the seminar, the Clerk of Parliament, Mr Austin Zvoma, said the legislators have an obligation to protect the integrity and image of parliament.

He added that lawmakers have shown that they are committed to executing their constitutional mandate effectively despite different political ideologies.

“We realised that it is necessary for parliament to provide ongoing training on parliament business for our legislators to be better equipped on the standing rules and orders. I must also hasten to say that from our first workshop, the legislators now have an understanding of how debates are conducted in parliament and at the same time are more tolerant of each other,” said Mr Zvoma.

Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr Lovemore Moyo lamented resource constraints which he said are the major hindrance for legislators to fully execute their duties, but commended the parliamentarians for working together most of the times.

“It is important for all members to acquaint themselves with the standing orders and over the years, I have noticed that some members have really made an effort to learn. I am glad though that our legislators are working together for the good of the country most of the times,” Mr Moyo said.

Supreme Court Judge, Rita Makarau, took the legislators through a comparative analysis of mandates of the two houses considering that Zimbabwe has now adopted the bicameral parliament, while Deputy Clerk of Parliament, Mr Kennedy Chokuda, touched on the rules of debate in parliament, the dress code and decorum for members of the house.

More than 150 legislators took part in the seminar.