tobacco floors sale.jpgThe Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture has criticised stakeholders in the tobacco industry for lack of vision, which has resulted in the chaos currently prevailing at the country’s auction floors.

Adding its voice on a growing list of people who have become critical of the tobacco industry’s leadership, the committee said players in the tobacco sector are not doing enough to deal with the chaos culminated by long queues and poor sanitation at the floors.

Speaking after touring Tobacco Sales Floors (TSF) to find out why the place has become an eye-sore, member of the committee, Cde Edward Raradza, said players in the tobacco sector should disseminate information to the farmers regarding procedures to be followed when selling their crop.

“It seems most farmers are coming to this place unaware of what they should do. As a result, there are long queues and the floors are not efficient in serving farmers, a situation which could have been rectified if proper education had been given to farmers regarding procedures to be followed when selling their crop,” Cde Raradza said.

TSF Managing Director, Mr James Mutambanesango however said his organisation is working towards rectifying the problem promising that the situation should improve by next week. 

Since the beginning of the tobacco marketing season, the situation at the auction floors has become chaotic with farmers spending several days waiting to sell their crop.

Corruption at every level has been cited at the floors while health experts have expressed fears of a health time bomb.

The situation at the floors have also been aggravated by unscrupulous transport operators who are swindling farmers of their hard earned cash by charging exorbitant prices.