zim wildlife.jpgThe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority says it is looking into forming synergies with organisations with an interest in wildlife conservation in a move aimed at improving the country’s conservation programmes.

The Authority has been criticised for failure to come up with good wildlife conservation methods a situation which is alleged to have caused the death of an estimated 100 elephants and other wild animals last year.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Chief Executive, Mr. Vitalis Chadenga, said a number of proposals for partnerships are under consideration and if approved will help improve conservation in all game parks.

In the 1990s the country’s Parks and wildlife Management Authority was declared a ‘Statutory Authority’ and tasked with generating its own funds through tourism.

This scenario resulted in the authority failing to keep the pumps going in most parks leaving animals with no drinking water.

Some animals have died of thirst while others are said to have migrated to neighbouring countries where there is water.