Stakeholders in the education sector have called upon parents to complement government in nurturing their children’s careers from a tender age to suit the 21st century skills needs.

A career fair has been held in the capital in order to align and redesign the career focus of children by inculcating the need to specialise from a tender age.

Educationist Mr Rodrick Ganyiwa implored parents to take a lead in discovering talent and skills rather than wait for political leaders and government to do so.

“There are many young ones though talented, who failed to establish the right careers because the education system was not rightly suited to them to identify their specific strength of skills. In the 21st century it is important to identify talent at a young age and nurture it through,” said Mr Ganyiwa.

Motivational speakers Mr Author Marara and Mr Nick Ohizu from Nigeria, both said the skills demands of the 21st century, especially in the fourth industrial revolution, call for a total break from the past.

The government has established a new education model termed education 5.0, which seeks to harness the link between theory and practice so that the education system churns out equipped graduates with the right set of skills.