Parents have been urged to work together with the government in exposing learners to information communication technologies (ICT) if the country is to fully embrace the global revolution in information technology.

With the world moving rapidly into digital media and information, the role of ICTs in education is becoming more important.

Several developing countries are prioritising the use of ICT in education, in order to achieve critical strategic developmental objectives.

Speaking at the Selbourne Routledge Primary School 70th anniversary celebrations, Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavhima highlighted the need for parents to work with government in ensuring learners embrace ICTs.

Head of the school, Mrs Getrude Chishamiso Kadzviti said former students should continue playing an active role in the development of schools.

Selbourne Routledge Primary School was opened in 1947 and to date boasts of 70 years of providing quality education.