Parents with children at Dzivarasekwa High 1 School have teamed up with students to demonstrate against the reinstatement of the school’s Headmistress, Olivia Chiguvare who has been on suspension pending the finalisation of her criminal court case in which she is implicated in the theft of school funds.

The angry parents and school children are baying for the headmistress’ blood following a string of accusations from maladministration to theft.

The under pressure headmistress who is jointly charged with Munyaradzi Nyakotyo are alleged to have bought stationery worth US$5 000 without following procurement procedures.

The two are further alleged to have withdrawn US$1 430 from the school’s General Purpose Fund account for their own use.

This was allegedly discovered after a government audit exercise.

A letter from the Ministry of Education, Arts, Sport and Culture presented to ZBC News had indicated that the headmistress had been suspended by the Ministry until such a time her case was finalised by the courts but the Ministry later changed the position after Chiguvare won a Labour Court case to have her reinstated to the school pending the verdict by the courts.

However, the decision to reinstate the headmistress did not go down well with parents and students who want her out of the school.

“Chiguvare should not be allowed back to the school because she is a thief,” said one parent.

“As students, we have nothing to learn from her as she has proved to be deceitful…..the Ministry should give us a new Head of the school,” one Form 4 student said.

Police had to be called in to quell the potentially riotous situation.

The School Development Association is also pointing fingers at the headmistress for the stolen computers donated to the school under the Presidential Scheme.

However, a labour legal expert, Mr. Sheunesu Mataka said there is nothing wrong in the reinstatement of the headmistress as this is within the confines of the law.

“A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts. The headmistress deserves to serve her usual duties until the court case is finalised,” Mr. Mataka said.

Efforts to get a comment from the headmistress were fruitless as she was locked up in her office.