The contentious issue of child delinquency has been attributed to lack of parental guidance and the neglect of active roles in raising up children.

Most parents are conspicuous by their absence in their children’s lives and there is a lot of debate on the issue.

While most parents are chasing after career goals or finding ways of adjusting to the economic situation, children are often left at the mercy of television, the internet or wrong circles.

By neglecting pro-active roles, parents are essentially becoming reactive in many aspects of their children’s lives.

Chairman for the Positive Parenting Organisation, Mr Kelvin Chauke said most parents need to observe how they have left the raising of their children to gadgets rather than their voices.

Life coach, Rejoice Takawira said parents should not expect teachers to raise their children on their behalf, rather parents should work with teachers in raising responsible future citizens.

Positive parenting equips parents with skills to help children become better at managing their feelings and behaviour.