wheelchair_tennis_.jpgInternational Paralympics Committee (IPC) Development Manager Carolin Rickers has called on stakeholders to give more support to the Zimbabwe National Paralympics Committee so that it can realize its objectives.



After going through consultations with the National Paralympics Committee the IPC development manager Carolin Rickers was satisfied with the desire shown to get sport for those with disabilities up and in full force.


Rickers says what is needed is for stakeholders to render full support so that the national Paralympics committee achieves its goals.


“I was amazed with the zeal they have, what they only need is to pay up their affiliation fees get support from the SRC and government. We are here building capacities in them and it’s amazing what they want to achieve,” said the development officer.


National Paralympics Committee Secretary General Lewis Garaba said they have finished the creation of the six umbrella associations which categorically classifies disabilities.


Garaba says the challenge lies in how to integrate these into disciplines for the able bodied and to call for the need for a level playing field for all athletes regardless of disability.


Garaba said: “We appreciate the inclusion into other sports disciplines, but we want them to understand the different classes of disabilities because often wheelchair runners are classified in a bracket, not as specific athletes with specific disabilities”.
After concluding all the membership formalities, the Zimbabwe National Paralympics Committee expects to receive full membership status from the International Paralympics Committee.